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We make sure that we partner with the most professional massage therapists. For every massage service we offer, there's a specialist who knows exactly how to get the job done. We are always here to make sure you walk away feeling fantastic!

Our licensed massage therapists are:

  • Rachel Alderson, LMT

  • Stacy Morris, LMT

  • Olivia Baquera, LMT

  • Jyl Jensen-Hill, LMT

  • Jody Weatherhead, LMT

  • Beth Reinke, LMT

  • Cassie Fowler, LMT

  • Lindsey Willey, LMT

  • Linda Lanpher, LMT

  • Amanda Bates, LMT

  • Christine Hovell Matson, LMT

  • Leah (Lee) Grist, LMT

  • Sarah Waldoch, LMT

  • Christine Hovell Matson, LMT

  • Kylee McGoldrick, LMT

  • Kelsey Kalstad, LMT

  • Ashley Backora, LMT

  • Skylar Scheuer, LMT

  • Morgan Aasheim, LMT

  • Grace Johnson, LMT

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Our highly trained staff

Kelsey Kalstad, LMT:

Kelsey has a passion for her clients and their well being. She works hard to insure that she is providing a service that her clients will benefit from depending on their concerns. Her therapeutic and compassionate approach is a positive addition to our Revive team. Kelsey is available Mondays, Wednesday evenings, and Fridays

Stacy Morris, LMT:

Stacy is a 2003 graduate from Sister Rosalind Geffre's School of Professional Massage. Her modalities include Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, mu-xing therapy (bamboo), hot stones, myofascial, cupping, geriatric and pediatric.


Stacy's favorite challenge at work is when a client comes in with a headache or neck pain. She likes to have them feeling better than when they came in. She will also show clients different things to do at home to help prevent certain problems.


Stacy's passion for massage started at a young age when she would give her family massages around the campfire. When not at work she enjoys spending time with family and friends while camping, golfing, fishing, down hill skiing, or just relaxing and enjoying life.


Let us provide you with professional effective massage services from highly trained Licensed Massage Therapists


Olivia Baquera, LMT:

Olivia is our sole Ashiatsu practitioner. Having trained with DeepFeet and The Center for Barefoot Massage, she is able to provide a consistently deep massage in a unique way. This type of massage is her favorite to give!


Her wide skill set allows her to fulfill her clients' needs, from purely gentle massage for relaxation, to deep muscle pain relief for injuries. Olivia will always try to treat from a place of heartfelt presence. She has been offering massage since 2011 and is a graduate of Minnesota School of Business, Moorhead.

Jody Weatherhead, LMT:

Jody Weatherhead, LMT is a 2001 graduate of The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. With over 16 years of experiences she specializes in therapeutic deep tissue massage. She is a former coach that has a passion for working with athletes to increase range of motion and or to decrease pain. Jody uses cupping and gua sha to compliment the traditional therapeutic massage. Some of her other specialties are pregnancy, hot stone, and relaxation massage. She customizes each massage to fit her clients needs.


Beth Reinke, LMT:

Beth is a graduate of Salon Professional Academy. She is excited to share her passion for massage therapy with her clients. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot stone, Myofacial, Sports and pregnancy.

Cassie Fowler, LMT:

My name is Cassie Fowler and I've been a massage therapist for over 3 years. I love to help my clients feel better. I specialize primarily in deep tissue massage, although I can give relaxing massages. I am also able to do sports massage, pregnancy massage, and myofascial release. I add hot stones and essential oils upon request.

Lindsey Willey, LMT :

Lindsey is a graduate from sister Rosalind gefre school of massage therapy in 2004. She has been practicing as a LMT since 2006. Lindsey specializes in providing a customized massage for each client to accomodate their needs, using different modalities such as swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, myofacial, and Reiki.

Rachel Alderson, LMT, owner:

Rachel is the owner of Revive Professional Massage Therapy Clinic. She has been a Massage Therapist. Since August of 1999 and taught Massage Therapy in the Fargo Moorhead area for more than 10 years.


She opened Revive with the hopes of empowering LMTs to have an environment where they could be successful and yet still be independent in owning their own businesses. She is the mother to 4 beautiful children. She and her husband enjoy serving their church, sports, and being with their family. She is currently retired from hands on therapy.

Jyl Jensen Hill, LMT:

Jyl is a 2008 graduate of Sister Rosalind's Schools and Clinics of Massage in Fargo, ND. She specializes in relaxation and moderate-deep tissue massage, pregnancy and labor induction massage, aromatherapy and headache/migraine relief. Jyl is also a Level 3 Reiki practitioner. She believes in combining relaxation techniques together with moderate deep tissue massage in order to get the knots out and provide pain relief.


Jyl is available 7 days a week with varying hours.

Linda Lanpher, LMT:

Linda graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2000. She offers a variety of techniques from relaxation massage to deep tissue pain treatment. She strives to integrate different modalities to provide the client the customized outcome they desire. She does pregnancy massage, hot stone, deep tissue massage, essential oil as well. She is available a variety of daytime and evening hours.

Amy Halzle, Receptionist:

Amy has been in customer service for 10+ years, with being a receptionist for 3 of those years. She has a love of helping and making people feel warm and welcome. Give Revive Professional Massage a call and she will be happy to set up an appointment with any of our LMTs.


Leah (Lee) Grist, LMT:

Lee has always had a passion for the healing arts and has been drawn to career paths that include helping others. She worked as a CNA for over 15 years. She has experience working with the elderly with Alzheimers and dementia as well as those with cancer. She has seen the power of healing tough and likes to use a combination of many modalities to offer her clients the most optimal healing session. Bring awareness to clients in regards to their physical health to allow for health, healing and releasing stress.


Lee is a 2016 graduate of the Salon Professional Academy. She has a passion for the Healing Arts and is excited to embark on this career. She will be working Mondays days, Wednesday evenings, Thursday days, Friday nights and every other Saturday! Providing a variety of modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, myofacial, hot stone, pregnancy, and sports.



Sarah Waldoch, LMT:

Sarah Waldoch,LMT, Board Certified since 2012 in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Sarah graduated in the class of 2004 from Northwest Technical College and taught in the massage therapy program from 2009-2012.


Sarah practices Integrative Massage using a variety of techniques to address her clients particular needs for pain relief, relaxation, calming, energizing, etc. Sarah specializes in Deep Tissue, MyoFascial Release, Swedish, Reflexology, sports massage, cupping and energy work (Reiki).



EXTREME allergy to Cinnamon- no Thieves, or any blend with cassa, cinnamon, ocatea, hexylcinnamal or hexycinnamate. Thank you.


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Christine Hovell Matson, LMT:

"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."

~Shakti Gawain


When we are looking for an escape from the fast paced, chaotic everyday life, this is something that will hold true. Our body is a symphony of different instruments, each instrument has its purpose. When one is out of tune, it will affect the sound and the flow of our bodies. Massage is a complex part in repairing or maintaining the body to create a better flow.


Christine is a 2010 graduate of Minnesota School of Business, in which she learned a variety of different modalities. She started with Revive Professional Therapy Clinic upon graduation, becoming one of the many team members that helped make Revive what it is today. Always looking to acquire more knowledge, she made the decision to further her education and received her Associates Degree in Massage Therapy in September of 2014.


In June 2014, she was offered an amazing opportunity to teach in which she decided to take a break from full time massage to teach her love-massage! After two years of forming great relationships with students and faculty alike, she's decided to come home and she is so excited to bring the new skills she's achieved over the last couple years to her clients!


Christine specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, couples, Thai, pregnancy (also integrating lymphatic drainage with these sessions), myofascial, relaxation, hot stone, geriatrics, sports, migraine/headache relief (due to tension, injuries and/or stress), common shoulder dysfunctions and will harmonize different modalities and techniques to better manage pain relief.


Christine is a strong believer that everyone needs time to themselves and wants to create a soothing, therapeutic environment for the mind while accomplishing pain relief for the body.

She is available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, day hours.

Amanda Bates, LMT:

Amanda is a 2011 graduate of Minnesota School of Business Moorhead. She spent 2 years prior at MSU Moorhead studying biosciences and chemistry. She suffered from severe headaches after a car accident in 2009 and could no longer concentrate in class.


She decided to start massage therapy for herself and has had great success in decreasing headaches. Her passion us to help others do the same. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy, and Hot Stone. She is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings and every other Saturday. She is a new mom so she spends her days with her adorable son.


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Kylee McGoldrick, LMT:

Graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2005. Specializes in deep tissue, pregnancy, hot stone, swedish, sports, myofasical, pediatric, oncology and raindrop.

Love working with athletes and clients with specific issues such as migraines/headaches.

Would describe my style as a deep Swedish sports massage. But am happy to customize to each individual based on what’s going on.

Ashley Backora, LMT:

Ashley has been an LMT for over 6 years and specializes in a therapeutic approach to massage therapy. She also does pregnancy massage, trigger point therapy, essential oils and hot stones. She is known for her therapeutic deep tissue massage skills and is available Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday Mornings.

Jordan Van Wechel, Cosmetologist:

The name "Jojee" is a nickname given to her by her close friends. This directly reflects the level of trust she desires to build with each person she sees. It is her goal to establish a close relationship with each client through cosmetic services catered to their individual needs, as well as to provide a positive space to help build confidence and self-esteem. Ultimately, it is her hope that each client leaves feeling better than when they arrived.


Jordan will be providing primarily waxing services, with a hope to expand her menu in the near future.


**A menu for off-campus Makeup Artistry & Hair Styling services available upon request. Please communicate any desire to book these services with Jordan personally.


Grace Johnson, LMT:

Grace is motivated to help relieve clients stress, anxiety, depression, and overall well being through massage. She is acutely aware of how daunting the decision to receive a massage can be. She patiently and empathetically listens to clients concerns while creating a safe enviornment. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Pregnancy Modalities. She also has experience treating individuals suffering from TMJD.

Morgan Aasheim, LMT:

Morgan is a 2018 graduate who specializes in deep tissue, hot stone, therapeutic, pregnancy, and swedish massage. She is available Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as every other weekend. Her passion to serve her clients with an optimal level of professionalism and care is a big part of her success. She is committed to developing her craft and listening to her clients.

Skylar Scheuer, LMT:

Skylar is an LMT who specializes in Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone, and Raindrop Therapy. Skylar is known for her deep tissue skills and her ability to pay attention to the detailed styles of massage that so many clients look for. She brings a level of professionalism and care to each of the services she provides and her clients love her for it.

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