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When you feel ready to clear your body from toxins and impurities, be sure to pay us a visit for the most relaxing services in Fargo. Our trained staff will make you feel at home with our body wrap treatments that are excellent when followed up with a massage.  

Our services include:

Body Wraps

Body wraps are ideal way to begin a weight loss regiment. Stopping smoking, or getting over an illness (cold/flu) is a very good time to do a body wrap as well.  Ideally, you should wear an old swimsuit, shorts and a tank, or bra and underwear to your session, if you plan to have a massage too, then bring a robe.  We do provide brown towel wraps.


Dead Sea Mud Wrap (1 hour, $65)

This therapy takes mud from the Dead Sea and combines it with heat from our Alpha Spa.  It detoxifies the body and tightens and firms the skin. It helps in handling eczema, acne, and other skin conditions.  This is also great for muscle and joint pain relief.      


Seaweed Gel Wrap (45 minutes, $55 or $105 for wrap and massage)

This relaxing session hydrates and detoxifies the body.  The seaweed brings out impurities from the skin, thus adding to the detoxifying qualities of this wrap.  This wrap also increases circulation and decreases joint and muscle pain.


Detox Body Wrap (45 minutes)

This wrap helps you clear your body of toxins and impurities.  Choose Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oils during or after illness or add it to your diet.  Choose lavender to detox and relax the body.  Choose one of our citrus blends to aid in detox; this is also a very effective wrap for weight loss.


Eye Treatments

  • Warm Herbal Eye Treatment ($5)

  • Cool Cucumber Eye Treatment ($3)

Facial Massage


A focus on the scalp, face, neck, arms, and shoulders massage along with the combination of our Repechage brand products will combine the concept of massage and facial in our beautiful spa room. Repechage is an ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE skin care line, their seaweed facial meets the needs of all skin types and leaves the skin feeling REVIVED! The seaweed is harvested from the coasts of France and freeze dried vs boiled to allow for the most nutrient dense application for our clients. You will LOVE this service.


Ultimate Facial Massage REVIVAL


This 75 min service is the ULTIMATE massage and Facial Massage experience. It’s the perfect combination of services for those on a time crunch but still wanting to have a spa like experience. You will begin with a back and posterior leg massage followed by the facial massage and Repechage skin care products application. While your facial mask is setting you will enjoy a neck, arm, and anterior leg massage. The treatment is finished with facial massage finishing steps. Repechage is an ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE product line that meets the needs of all skin types. This seaweed based formula is harvested from the coast of France and is freeze dried vs boiled, delivering the optimum nutrition and quality to this premier product. You will leave refreshed and REVIVED


Optifirm Eye Contour Treatment


Clinically Proven Ingredients work to reduce wrinkles and puffiness and dark circles around the eye area. This service can be done alone in our beautiful spa room. OR this eye mask is the perfect addition to any facial massage, body treatment or massage. As an added on service you would save $10 on this service. Your eyes are noticeably refreshed making this a service you won’t be able to wait to do again! Please call in for this service or inform your service provider that you would like to add this service.


Mu-xing Therapy (Bamboo Therapy)


Mu-xing Therapy is using heated bamboo and rosewood to heat the muscles for a different approach to deep tissue massage. By using this technique the therapist is able to work deeper into the muscle without causing the client discomfort, it is often called a "sneaky deep" approach to deep tissue massage. This Chinese based therapy is a combination of a therapeutic approach as well as being relaxing.

Get reinvigorated with our services

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